Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cuz Clowns are Scary Too

The circus really begins tomorrow with the arrival of my parents in town, just in time for me to get a last minute transfusion to top up my platelets before the big show. Friday morning I am getting a Transternal Resection, or a Sternotomy … or in laymen’s terms, open heart surgery.

Actually, I’m not sure that is technically the right term for it as I don’t think they will be directly exposing my heart, even with the ribs open the heart is in a big bag called the pericardium sack. Anyway, they aren’t interested in my heart; they are going in after Kuato, the cancer that has been squatting in my chest the past year or so.

We did find out, through a conversation with a very friendly, if gigantic Russian doctor, that the chemo pounded the little fucker down from 13.2cm to 9.1cm. It’s nice to hear that I didn’t go through three months of hell for nothing. Big Russian Doctor btw, is the guy who’ll be giving me my drugs because in Russia, drugs do you. Its cool though, he’s the same guy who hooked me up when they yanked out my gallbladder and I didn’t feel a frackin' thing! The guy actually cutting me open has a wing of the hospital named after his family. I choose to be encouraged by that and not suspect nepotism or a large endowment of any kind.

Can’t say I’m not nervous about this, but I’m a little excited too. If all goes well, it represents the beginning of the end of this, rather unexpected chapter of my life.

Here goes … everything!

For the less squeamish, here is some youtube footage of how they are going in after the little fucker.

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